Got Smoke Detectors?

You’ve likely heard about Jose Contreras and his one year-old daughter who were killed in a fire early Monday morning in Mesa, Arizona. My friend, Captain Bill Rini, talks about that call and has seen many such instances of preventable tragedy.

Did you hear the most powerful thing he said?

Last year, every fire fatality in the City of Phoenix did not have a working smoke detector.

Does your family have working smoke detectors?  What about your friends?  Or the homes your children visit?  When did you last check the batteries in them?  Please do it today, and mark your calendar to ensure you do it regularly!

This tragedy was preventable, as are many that I and my fellow firefighters see.  If you’d like to learn more about a simple, dynamic message that can safeguard lives and preserve families, visit Simple Awareness.

Earlier today, the Contreras family spoke out on this topic:  

Please, please, please. Make sure you have working smoke detectors in your home. Bill and I do not want your family to be the next story reported on this blog!

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