Jason Schechterle – MY Hero

It was March 26th 2001. By that time in my career I had been dispatched and had responded on hundreds of calls. Nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed that night. It was around 11pm, my crew and I were responding to a “check welfare” call. I approached the intersection of 20 street & Thomas just about to turn east-bound. (Remember those 2 words, “just about.”) Next thing I heard was an incredible explosion and then saw a fire ball of two connected vehicles heading in our direction.  I instinctively turned the fire truck toward this ball of flame that was shooting up over the overpass. There in front of us was a police car engulfed in flames with a police officer burning alive – inside.

Jason’s patrol car

So many lives were changed in that split second.

Those 2 words “just about” are truly beautiful words! Had I already committed my right-hand turn – I would have needed to jump the street median in the big fire truck and by that time, more than likely, the outcome would have been completely different.

There were so many synchronistic divine occurrences that happened that night in 2001 which allowed all the players to be in the right place at the right time. This is just the beginning of my story I share call, “Divine Timing” in the book, Classic Tales From The Firehouse.

Rebecca Joy and Jason Schechterle – 2008

But, as we know, there is always more to the story. Jason Schechterle is the real hero in this story and in life. An amazing human being whom I am honored to call my friend. All that he, his wife Suzie and his family has been through, the challenges they have overcome and how they face life is admirable and inspiring.

This web site is dedicated to Jason Schechterle for showing up in the world with such grace, beauty, integrity, and such incredible compassion for his fellow human.

Jason, you are an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for being here.