Classic Tales from the Firehouse

Firefighters’ Stories of Calamity, Courage and Caring 

Rebecca, author and speaker

Rebecca Joy, Phoenix firefighter/engineer (retired)

The inspiration for Tales from the Firehouse ignited when, after hearing her many stories, Betty Joy asked her daughter, Rebecca, a 26-year Phoenix firefighter/engineer (ret.) “I’m always delighted and entertained by all of your stories. Wouldn’t it be fun to collect stories from firefighters around the city and put them into a book?” The resulting book is a collection of stories from real people we call heroes, and the adventures they encountered in their careers as firefighters.

This book is the antithesis of all those heavy “9/11 hero” books out today. Classic Tales focuses on the sometimes poignant, often lighthearted, but always human side of the fire service career and the heroes and heroines who choose it. Classic Tales from the Firehouse captures the amazing diversity of situations that firefighters encounter on the streets and in day-to-day life with their crews. Entertaining, historical, and even educational, these Tales reflect the forward progress of fire service over the decades.


Listen to what Jason Schechterle, retired Phoenix Police Officer, Speaker and Author has to say about Class Tales from the Firehouse!


Within each Tale, the authors looked for a specific storyline, considering each story a single act amid the overall drama of the fire department. Although great effort was made to remain true to the details of the original transcripts and the integrity of the storytellers, some stories were modified for clarity or dramatic effect. The truth of any one Tale, as witnessed by several different firefighters, resides solely in the viewpoint of the storyteller. Like fish stories, firefighters’ tales have a way of growing with each telling.

Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator and bestselling author of the international publishing phenomenon, the Chicken Soup For the Soul® series, says in his foreword to Tales, “If you want to feel the bravery, love, and joy of firefighting, read this compelling book.”

Rebecca recalls her recording of the Tales:

“I turn on the tape recorder as the guys on B shift sit around the kitchen table at the corner fire station telling war stories. “Without a word,” one firefighter relates, “the four of us formed a circle, held hands, and performed a séance-like ritual to exorcise the ghosts causing the house to hum.”

“That ain’t nuthin’,” begins another firefighter, as a new tale unfolds.”

Classic Tales is a compilation of stories from Rebecca’s firefighters — some long retired — and the adventures they experienced during their storied careers. This classic collection of unique and mostly humorous stories is told by firefighters in a way only they could tell them! Because of the graphic nature of a few of the tales, the authors do not recommend this book for children younger than 13.

Share the laughter, bravery, tears, and excitement in dozens of stories told by real heroes. Order your copy of Classic Tales from the Firehouse today – and get an extra as a gift for the person in your life who could use a little levity and inspiration!

Tales was co-created by the mother-daughter team of Rebecca Joy and Betty Joy.